Apart from Engineering Courses, ADHYATMN INSTITUTE has taken initiative in creating benchmarks in the preparation of the Pre-Medical Division also. The study material, faculty team, teaching system and testing system are entirely oriented towards NEET Examination. To make students succeed in NEET, regular guidance and counselling are part of their curriculum. Our course structure is designed in such a way that it supports student performance in NEET preparation as well as Board Exams. The course curriculum includes theoretical concepts and practical problems. The Experts of the Pre-Medical Division has designed study material after years of extensive research and expertise. Practice sheets are formulated in such a way that it clears ground rules through a complete understanding of topics.
Students are taught the fundamental of any topic to enable them to achieve the best rank in NEET.


The Curriculum is for those who set their Target as PRE-MEDICAL as soon as they opt for Science with Biology stream. In PRE-MEDICAL courses the student will get an academically stimulating environment, small batches and one to one interaction with the faculty.
We scientifically mentor the students. We nurture students for building up a solid foundation of concepts and analytical approaches towards problem-solving.

Classroom Courses (Online + Offline)

X to XI moving students (2 years)

XI to XII moving students ( 1 YEAR)

XII passed students (1 YEAR )